Water, markets complicate farms’ planting plans

"In some areas of the state, where adequate surface water supplies are expected for the first time in several years, farmers say the prospect of future water supply instability—along with increasing regulations, wage hikes, soaring input costs and softening U.S. and world commodity markets—creates huge uncertainties that will affect crop planting decisions this year and into the foreseeable future."
Ag Alert

Farming Technologically: A New Company Teaches Young Latinos the Skills They'll Need in a New Era of Agriculture

"Farmers are turning to technological solutions, such as predictive analytics software, sensors and robotics, to better understand weather patterns, irrigation techniques and soil health, and to reduce their costs and increase productivity."

Coachella Valley Independent

Many Central Valley farmers face severe water shortages despite easing drought

"In another sign that California’s drought has eased but the state’s water system is far from fully recovered, federal regulators announced Friday that Sacramento Valley farmers would get full water deliveries for the upcoming growing season, but many San Joaquin Valley growers would face another year of severe shortages."

Sacramento Bee

Wet winter invites flooding research on Valley farms

"Some farmers plan to deliberately flood their orchards as part of testing the benefits of winter flooding. By doing so, they not only ensure the trees have enough water, but they are also helping recharge the groundwater basin in winter when more water is available."
Fresno Business Journal

Fitbit for cows, drones to monitor plants – how tech is changing the world’s food systems

"Technology usually associated with business and tech geeks – the cloud, big data analytics, machine-to-machine communication and even drones – is being used to make food production more efficient."
South China Morning Post

Mandarin Oranges, Rising Stars of the Fruit Bowl

"Along the Maricopa Highway at the southwestern end of the San Joaquin Valley, rimmed by hardscrabble hills and bobbing oil pumps, stretch miles of lush green groves bearing fluorescent mandarin oranges. Once home to cotton fields, this is now the epicenter of an epic agricultural boom that has industrialized a noble fruit and turned it into a rising star."
The New York Times

Vegetable Growers Are Working With Silicon Valley to Disrupt Farming

"Western Growers Association, an ag trade group, hopes to find an answer—or answers—at its new Center for Innovation and Technology, in Salinas. The association, which represents farmers in Arizona, California, and Colorado, is working to build an unlikely coalition between farmers and technology entrepreneurs. The partnership seeks to address some of the country’s biggest food concerns—from waste to water issues related to California’s historic drought."
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