New Ways to Keep The State on Your Plate


Did you know California farmers need reliable water supplies to grow the food products we love?


From the colorful aisles of produce at your grocery store to the diverse offerings at your local farmers market, California’s farmers grow the safe and nutritious ingredients that make the meal on your family’s table. Our farms produce about 400 different farm-grown commodities including 14 crops that are not grown anywhere else in the nation! Learn more about some of the local, fresh, and healthy foods and fibers produced for you right here in the Golden State.


There are many ways to prepare and serve this versatile little cabbage, but perhaps the quickest, simplest and tastiest is to just roast them.

The only thing better than each of these on their own is when they are combined together in this refreshing soup.

Few things are more quintessentially American than “mom and apple pie.” But add fresh California berries to sweeten up this classic.

Apples can be turned into chips – and baked chips at that, which are far healthier for you. Here is an easy way to make baked apple chips.

Red, white & blueberry fruit salad has long been a favorite of summer.The combination of fruits in those colors makes not only for a cool & healthy treat but also possess the colors of the flag.

When you or the kids want something cool and refreshing on a warm day, there are few things more satisfying than a frozen popsicle.

A California peach is a thing of beauty to eat fresh from the tree, but it also makes people smile when baked into a cobbler.

Kabobs are wonderful things. You can choose just about anything that will stick on a skewer, and in any combination, to make a quick and easy entree you can pop in the oven or cook on the grill.

“There's gold in California,” and there was, even long before the 1848 Gold Rush. Potatoes were the original “gold” in California.

A filling, protein-packed steak salad that can be served up family-style to share.

A great complement to any BBQ - coleslaw is a cool, creamy way to bring another serving of fresh California veggies to the table.

Make tacos, or any other dish just a little more special with some avocado salsa

Cayenne grilled eggplant with fresh tomato salad can brighten up any BBQ.

A combination of diced or finely chopped fresh vegetables with lime juice, it can be cooling, tart or spicy – or even a mix of all three.

Cool, refreshing, non-alcoholic and good for you, a Mocktail Blackberry Spritzer is a nice addition to any Memorial Day BBQ.

Try our Strawberry Parfaits - two great, easy ways to add something sweet to the menu.

A quick and simple veggie dish that eats and tastes like a dessert.

Four cheese scalloped potatoes - rich, creamy, mouthwatering.