‘Business as usual’ on Saudi purchased Arizona-California farms

"About two of every five acres of crops grown by U.S. farmers are exported which helps producers spread out the costs of doing business. This necessary commerce creates jobs at home. Expanded sales overseas help make products more affordable for all, including consumers in the USA."
Western Farm Press

Long-term, strategic effort positions almond industry for change

"The Almond Board of California is working on behalf of almond growers and handlers to ensure the industry is ready for this changing world. Almonds are among California’s highest-value agricultural crops, and soon will be its largest acreage crop. With this position comes opportunity, responsibility, and leadership."
Western Farm Press

How the almond industry, beekeepers are working to promote healthy hives

"The Almond Board of California, almond growers and beekeepers have joined forces hoping to solve honey bee losses suffered during almond bloom in recent years. With an estimated 80,000 hives affected in 2014, the industry reacted and boosted its collaborative efforts to develop practices targeted at reversing the trend."
Central Valley Business Times